Success Stories

Success Stories

Our Mission at CrossFit Maricopa is to get REAL people real RESULTS!!

We Hope You’ll Be Our Next Success Story!

 I’d like to take a moment to provide a short testimonial of what Crossfit Maricopa (especially what Coach Scott) has provided for me.

Just the other day I took some time to reflect on my health and the Journey back to a healthy lifestyle that I embarked on earlier this year.

A few months before I started training with Coach Scott, I was at crossroads with where my health was going. I was at that point that I was starting to feel defeated. My weight had soared and I had lost hope that I could ever get back on track to a healthy lifestyle. I enjoyed garbage food to the extent that I would drown my emotions in cheese fries, crab dips, bread, ice cream, and candy on a daily basis. I was gaining weight at astronomical speeds and was past the extent of caring about my body. If you asked me at that time, I was sure I’d see 300 lbs way before I was ever in the 100’s again.

I had a moment of clarity after taking interest in a young lady from Uganda who would eventually turn out to become my wife. When I set my eyes on her beautiful face and smile and then noticed she was all of 110 lbs I felt like a human version of Shreck. I was embarrassed and I knew she deserved way better than someone who didn’t care about themselves. Time passed and we eventually got married. At the time I was still well over 215lbs and reflecting back on our wedding pictures I still wasn’t happy with myself. I started to think about my future, what my wife deserved, and what my future kids would deserve.

That’s what got me out of my long term rut of not caring. Looking ahead instead of looking backwards. I started to see the vision for my life. I realized that my wife deserved a healthy husband who would be able to compliment her and help be able to take care of life’s everyday responsibilities instead of being a slug on the couch unable to move. I started to see that I wanted to one day be an amazing father who would be able to play with his kids outside without needing an oxygen tank or without having to explain to my future children that daddy can’t play with them because of his health. I realized NOW was the time to start transforming my life into something that my wife and my future children deserved to have and that is when I called upon coach Scott.

When I called up coach Scott for the first time, I had been nervous and scared of what to expect. His professional tone, compassion for my situation, and passion to see me meet my health goals immediately erased any fears and made me excited to start working out with him as my personal trainer.

Since I started I have been the happiest I have ever been. I have also been the healthiest. The first few weeks were obviously the hardest going from zero level of activity to starting my transformation towards a healthy life. Coach Scott has an expertise level that is Stellar. He is truly dialed in to my goals and knows when to encourage me to push my body to do more, as well as when to tell me enough for now take a break. What I find in Scott is that he is as dedicated to me as I am to myself. He’s not there for a paycheck hes not there to give me a workout tell me to do it and have me go home, but instead he actively cares and his words of encouragement and compassion are the same as they were when I first called him up to ask about his training.

Not only has Coach Scott been an asset to me transforming my life at the gym but he’s also been a huge help in transforming my life in the kitchen. I am no longer eating the garbage that I used to but instead through his guidance and suggestions have changed my lifestyle to eating much healthier. Coach has never told me what to eat but instead provides suggestions and has knowledgeable insight to the questions I ask regarding nutrition.

I’ll leave it at this. We all have fears in life that hold us back. My fear was that I was way too fat and felt it was too late for me to get help. I was also afraid that I didn’t know how to work out or what correct technique would be and that I may look weird while working out.

As much as we all have fears we all have a WHY factor. Once you push those fears aside and realize your “WHY” (In my case I changed my life for myself, my wife, and my future children) You’ll see for yourself that your fears are invalid excuses, and that your WHY deserves for you to push yourself to transformation.

I encourage each and every person who wants to start transforming their life the way I have started to pick up that phone and call Coach Scott. I promise you if you put in the work and let CrossFit Maricopa guide you, you’ll soon start to see a much happy healthier version of your best every time you look in that mirror.

I look forward to one day seeing your success story and I thank you for letting me share mine..



41600 W. Smith Enke Rd., Maricopa, AZ / Just off the 347 next to the Library
(480) 532-0067  |

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