Our History

Getting started is as easy as 3. 2. 1... GO!

Our story has been an awesome ride from starting with a few friends in a park to seeing so many of our clients lives changed. With the popularity of CrossFit in the last few years and the approximately 9000 affiliates worldwide now, we feel fortunate to have gotten involved with CrossFit at the beginning and are happy to be able to share our years of experience with you.

Here’s Our Story:

Scott first became interested in coaching from watching his Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach working with athletic teams to make them faster, stronger and better.  After graduating from College, he enrolled in the Masters Program in Exercise Science at Syracuse University.  In 2001 Scott became an ACE certified trainer and started getting experience in fitness by doing personal training.

In 2002 Scott came across a web-site called crossfit.com while looking for Olympic Lifting resources. He was intrigued with the CrossFit training methodology because it was so different from everything he’d seen before. Scott began incorporating CrossFit workouts into his own training.   At the time, certifications were far and few between and so Scott flew out to Hyperfit USA  in Ann Arbor, Michigan from Syracuse, NY. Scott was certified and affiliated (CrossFit Cuse) in 2007 when there were approximately 150 affiliates worldwide. To say the least, at that time CrossFit was not the sensation it is today.  It was mostly known and utilized by military, police and firefighters and that was the population that Scott predominantly trained at the time.

In 2009, Scott and Kelly decided to move to Maricopa, AZ to afford Kelly the opportunity to take some time off from work and spend it with their girls (Morgan and Ava). Although Scott and Kelly continued to incorporate CrossFit into their own training, Scott took a little time off from training others.  Then in 2011, Scott and Kelly got a few friends together to see if CrossFit was feasible in the small City of Maricopa, AZ. CrossFit Maricopa was born with the philosophy that we were building of a Community of Fitness.  Meaning that our core belief was and still is, that anyone that was willing to put in the work could do CrossFit regardless of your starting fitness ability.

We started doing Workouts of the Day (“WODS”) in the park, and with the great successes our group was getting, the word started to spread quickly about CrossFit Maricopa. Soon thereafter we moved into our garage gym and started incorporating more equipment into our WODs (i.e. barbells, rings, plyo boxes etc.). We continued to grow steadily and in July of 2012 with approximately 45 clients, we moved into our 1st commercial space in the Maricopa Business Plaza on Honeycutt Rd.  In May 2014, we expanded to our current location on Smith Enke Road (conveniently located right off the 347 next to the Maricopa Public Library). We are proud of the strong community of supportive athletes that have come together to form the CFM family!


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