Nutrition Coaching

teals beforeSONY DSC“I have lost 90 pounds and I feel better than I did in my 20’s. Seriously. By following the training of Scott and Kelly I have not only lost weight but, my cholesterol is down 42 points and I have gone from being on 3 blood pressure meds to having a BP of 117/75 WITH NO MEDS!” Tealdo T.

CrossFit Maricopa is pleased to offer several group nutrition challenges throughout the year, but if you’re looking for more individualized attention and accountability, private nutrition coaching could be the best option for you.

“You can’t out-train a poor diet.”

We’ve all heard that statement, but how many of us put that idea into practice? You never skip workouts, and no one could accuse you of being a slacker in the gym. But do you let your guard down when it comes to fueling your body and recovering from workouts? Maybe you feel like “hey I work out hard and often, so I deserve some latitude, I can eat whatever I want and still do well.”

At CrossFit Maricopa, we believe nutrition is the foundation of fitness and your overall well being.  When you are properly fueled and hydrated, you will feel, perform, and look better. Full body nourishment does not end in the kitchen, but also includes healthy sleeping habits, stress management, structured training, and proper recovery.  While certain principles lay the foundation for every program, we’ll help develop a  unique solution for you.

Personalized 30 Day Program:  $99 for Non CFM Members/ $79 for CFM Member


I.  Initial Meeting:   Review of current eating habits & discussion of goals.

II.  Initial Assessment : a) Body Fat; b) weight; c) hip/waist measurements; and d) before pictures.

III. Individualized 30 Day Program: a) Shopping lists, b) recipes; and c) weekly review of food log.

IV. Follow-Up Meeting:  After Assessments.




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