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Nicki’s Story: “13 years ago, a horrific car accident and seven reconstructive surgeries later, left me with two crushed feet and a not-so-great prognosis. I likely wouldn’t walk again, and certainly wouldn’t ever be active again. A lifelong athlete, this was heartbreaking news. Not walking again wasn’t an option for me. I was able to surprise my doctors, but I was also very cautious about my activity level. I walked with a constant limp. I feared re-injury, so I simply didn’t exercise. Slowly, my body became softer, weaker.

I had heard a bit about Crossfit and was curious. Over the next few months, I browsed through endless Crossfit blogs, videos and websites. Sick of carrying around the excess weight and poor self-image, I gave it a try. I started off slow, going only twice a week. I was sore in places…one doesn’t expect to be sore. But, the pain only lasted a month. The incredible encouragements at “the box” made me want to push myself harder, and do things I didn’t know I could do. I craved more, so I increased to three days/week for the next several months. I saw fantastic results! My clothes were fitting the way they were meant to. Around month six, I bumped up to five days/week. My strength increased and my weight decreased. I am thrilled with the results so far! I find that I eat better, my self-image is so much better and I truly just feel better, physically. Another super cool thing is the effect Crossfit has on my children. Before my seven year-old eats anything new, she wants to know if it will help her to be strong.

I carefully guarded my injured feet for 12 years, but I also allowed the muscles in my feet and legs deteriorate immensely. Through Crossfit, I was able to (at my own pace) rebuild every muscle in my body, including the tiny, ever-important muscles coursing through my feet. For the first time in such a long time, I’m able to wear high heels without crying out in pain. I love sports, but I knew a day at the ball game (lots of walking!) meant extreme pain for a couple days afterward. I don’t worry about outings anymore. I have the freedom to just go. I’m very thankful for the coaches and athletes at Crossfit Maricopa. I’m strong, I’m able.”

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