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Nat’s Story: “This before pic was a couple months before I decided that my life was worth living to my fullest potential.  It took the death of my Mum for me to realize, if I didn’t make a change, I was heading down the same path.  I started with diet but realized that I need more than just a food change to truly become healthy, not just for me but for my two young sons.

I joined Crossfit Maricopa in January of 2012 and 10 months later, I am a different person!  I can run around with my children and not get winded, I ran my first 5K in March and have ran at least six other races and obstacle courses since then including a six miler!

My husband has also joined the Crossfit community and it has been such a pleasure to see his life transform from a shy guy to a man that is confident in his own skin.  The benefits are so full that it would be nearly impossible to list them out without making a small novel!  One thing I would like to mention is the community bond we have forged by joining Crossfit Maricopa.  We have met some of the nicest, sincere people that truly want the best for us.  I know these people will be in our lives for years to come and have made us better people.

Don’t talk about it anymore, just do it!  It will be a decision you will NOT regret!

 Be our next success story!




44480 W. Honeycutt Road, Maricopa, AZ 85138
(480) 532-0067  |

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