Marcy and Jose

1780919_627236860680703_2027635934_nJose started his weight loss journey long before I did. His start began with the decision to look into weight loss surgery back in August of 2012. Our story, however, started way before that. We have always fallen victim to yo yo dieting, fad diets, starvation diets until we finally gave up on dieting. In the meanwhile we continued to gain, gain, gain. It wasn’t until our daughter was born that we realized we needed to do something to not only be role models for our kids but to simply be alive and healthy for our kids. In January 2013 I decided to take charge and DO something. I started weight watchers and was going to Zumba 5 days a week. Jose had his surgery scheduled for May of 2013 and i knew that if I didn’t change my habits his success after the surgery would not be as likely. After he was cleared to begin exercising he immediately began Crossfit. I could see the motivation and the pure exhaustion after each class. Everyday he would come home after class and would tell me that I needed to do it. I always had the same response, “I am not “fit” enough to do cross fit”. Over the course of a couple of months I saw the incredible transformation both physically and mentally. He had an “I can do anything” attitude–which I entirely contributed to Cross fit. He finally got me to try a class this past October. I had every intention of trying it to simply appease him with the idea that after the first week I probably wouldn’t go back. WRONG. Oh boy was I wrong. Even with the knots in my stomach before every class I still continued to go back. Jose and I push each other to try and be better than we were the class before. We have bonded through this experience because a year ago we would have been watching TV on the couch while eating our health away. Cross fit to us means that we now have the confidence and physical ability to run 5Ks, hike, and most importantly be role models to our kids.

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