CrossFit (ages 14+)

Our CrossFit Group Class Membership is great for all fitness abilities!! Get a RESULTS based workout in a PRIVATE facility with a group of fun & SUPPORTIVE people.  AND you’ll have a professional, dedicated Coach guiding you every step of the way! There’s no more going it alone!

We are now offering CrossFit Basics for the BEGINNER on Tuesday & Thursday at 6AM and Tuesday & Friday at 9:15AM and 5:15PM.  With CrossFit basics we’ll start you off with body weight, dumbell and kettlebell based movements.  This is a great way to start for someone that is new to exercise or has been away from exercise for awhile.

Your CrossFit UNLIMITED membership includes all of the following classes:

CrossFit (ages 14+)

The Shred

Kettlebell Conditioning 

Olympic Lifting

Sport of Fitness

Power Lifting (For dedicated competitors only. Speak to Coach Scott, if interested)

To learn more about the science and success of CrossFit, ask about a free issue of the CrossFit Journal.




41600 W. Smith Enke Rd. Maricopa/ Just off the 347 next to the Library
(480) 532-0067  |


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