February Athlete of the Month

Dom2Congrats to our February Athlete of the Month: Dominique!!

I was feeling incredibly nervous when I walked into CrossFit Maricopa in May 2015 but I soon realized my fears were misplaced. CFM is filled with amazing personalities that help to motivate you and encourage you when you want to give up, especially during those tougher WODs! I set some lofty goals for myself in 2016 and following a great PR Week and nutritional challenge I am crushing those goals and setting new ones! Thanks CFM family!

4 Quick Tips to Stay Motivated During the Holidays


KellyThanksgiving has passed and we’re now headed into one of the “most wonderful,” aka busiest times of the year! Social commitments will give you a lot of excuses to skip out on your workout but keep in mind, that it’s a lot easier to stay fit through the Holidays than have to work to get your body back after them. Here are 4 quick tips to help keep you on track!

1) Make Meal Planning Easy with On-line Tools.
Use a Paleo friendly web-site, like http://www.foodee.com to help meal plan and shop for the week. On Foodee.com you can set up a FREE account that will allow you to: 1) find delicious Paleo recipes; 2) save and organize your favorite recipes; and 3) create a grocery list, which can be customized by serving size and organized by aisle. Print or email the grocery list and off you go!

2) Find a Training Buddy.
Committing to meet a friend at the box/gym to train is a great way to keep yourself accountable during the Holiday Season.  A training buddy gives you the benefit of at least 2 people expecting to see you, your Coach and training partner. If you don’t know who to ask to be your training buddy, email me at crossfitcopa@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to help you find one.

3) Treat Your Workouts Like Appointments.
Use Zen Planner to set appointments with yourself and KEEP them! Treat your workout appointment like you would any other appointment, such a parent/teacher conference or a Dr.’s appointment. You wouldn’t no show or cancel these type of appointments at the last minute, so don’t do it with your workout either.

For even more accountability, email me with a recurring schedule that you want to keep during the Holidays (ie M/W/F at 5:15PM). I’ll set up your entire schedule for the month in Zen for you. If I see you not sticking to your schedule, I’ll send you a quick text/PM to get you back on

4) Ask for Vacation Workouts.
If you’ll be traveling during the Holidays, make sure to ask me for some no equipment workouts that you can get done on the road. We love to see our members staying fit on vacation so don’t forget to send us a vacation picture doing a plank, handstand etc. Let’s show our CFM pride all around the globe this Holiday season!

If you have any tips to help stay fit through the Holidays that you’d like to share, please post in comments. Or for questions, please feel free to email me at crossfitcopa@gmail.com.

In Good Health,


I swear that 5 sets of 10 back squats is not a punishment.

Lifting PartnerSomeone asked me about strength programming the other day. While the comment was harmless, the perception was our strength program is random. So with that being said….I thought I’d put out a quick word about programming.

For example, we are currently in a high volume phase for bench & squats (sets of 10 & 8). This will eventually taper down into sets of 5’s, then 3’s and will lead us into our first PR week of the year.

Our high rep (sets of 10 and 8) training is a hypertrophy phase (hypertrophy = muscle building, please don’t tell me about getting “bulky”). The mid level reps (5’s) are like unicorns (i.e. magic) and train your muscles in a blurred area of size and power. Sets of 1-3 develop maximal strength and with enough volume (total reps) may have some effect on a muscles size.

Our Olympic lifting training is a little different. Most days we give a time limit to build up to a 1, 2 or 3 rep max. The reason behind this structure is pretty simple. It gives our newer clients a chance to work technique with light to moderate weights and drill those movements to become proficient. This structure also works well for our more seasoned lifters as it gives them sufficient build up through light, medium, and heavy weights. With the speed & efficiency at which the average CrossFitter works, it most likely will give them approximately 6-8 total reps with roughly 80-85% of their 1RM which is optimal.

That brings me to WOD’s and how those happen. So, there is a bit of variety here. I really like programming EMOM’s and AMRAP’s. Of course I’m going to explain why!! Keep your shorts on!
Part 2 of this article coming soon…


Our November Athlete of the Month: Jim!

jimI’m not usually a group workout person. I have worked out and run alone for a long time. But my experience at CFM in a group is great. Coaches and other athletes are awesome. They are the perfect mix of supportive and challenging. Especially being new to crossfit, that’s important. They help you manage your expectation of your own abilities, but also know when you are capable of more. Joining Crossfit Maricopa really has been an awesome experience.

Jim Niewierski

National Diabetes Awareness Month: Dom’s Story

DomManaging an invisible illness like diabetes can be such an isolating experience especially given the lack of awareness about what diabetes is, and the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes.  Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which the pancreas no longer produces any insulin.  Synthetic insulin is an effective treatment but there is currently no cure. Since November is National Diabetes Awareness Month I would like to share a little bit about my journey so far.

 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in January 2000 at the age of 16.  Today, 16 years later I am the healthiest I have ever been since my diagnosis.  When I started at CrossFit Maricopa nearly 6 months ago I was in a rut. I was not taking the best care of myself; leading a mostly sedentary lifestyle and not fueling my body the way I knew I should.  After I became a mom, I knew that I needed to make changes to avoid long term complications and to have a better quality of life overall.

When I started CrossFit my HbA1c (a lab test that shows your blood sugar average over the last 3 months) was at 7.5%; today it is at 5.8%.  For reference, a healthy non-diabetic would be below 5.6%.  By achieving near non-diabetic blood glucose control, I have more energy than ever before and my confidence has soared.  For the first time in my life I feel like I am prioritizing ME and it feels great!

The support at CrossFit Maricopa has been nothing short of amazing.  I am inspired by the coaches and athletes I interact with every day and I am encouraged not only by my progress but by the achievements of others!  Today I have decided to embrace the challenges that come with this disease in order to keep me energized as I tackle the goals I continue set for myself.

I cannot wait to see where I will be another 6 months from now!

Dominique Lafleur Constantino

Congratulations to our August Athlete of the Month: Jose!

Congratulations to our August Athlete of the Month, Jose!

From Jose: “Don’t let your failures define you. Without failure there would be no progress!  It let’s you know how far you’ve come.”

This is what one of Jose’s fellow athletes had to say about him: “Thanks Jose Morales but you are my vote for athlete and dad of the month. Gets his son situated, fixes his little girl’s hair, and then squats 300 something lbs. Get on board with that.