Member Spotlight: Christina

Tell us a little bit about your background and what brought you to CFM, when did you start?

I was raised here in Maricopa and I will be 44yrs old on the 20th of this month, what brought me to CFM or should I say who brought me and that would be my sister in law Lindsey and my brother Jeremy Garcia. I was going through a bad time and Lindsey said you should just come here, so I tried it and loved it! That will be 4 yrs in May.

What is your favorite music you listen to when you workout ?

I listen to Disturbed and Motley Crue

Name one favorite meal or snack that you enjoy the most.

My snacks are blueberries and my new favorite meal is chicken and brussel sprouts.

What is your most memorable moment at CFM?

My most memorable moments are hitting my new PRs… 😎

What would you tell someone looking at joining CFM?

I would say this is the best thing that ever happened to me and if you are looking for a place to motivate and push you to be healthier and stronger you found it! I love my CFM family!! Thank you 😊

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