The Weekly: January 26th

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” ―John C. Maxwell

Motivation is what got you to sign up at CrossFit Maricopa in the 1st place but it’s HABIT that will keep you going for the long run. How do you create an exercise habit? Here are a few tips/tricks. 1) Set a time to exercise. Commit to a specific class time daily. Choosing the morning one day and the evening the next will make it difficult to form a habit. PM Kelly if you’d like a recurring schedule set up in Zen Planner (ie M-F at 6AM). 2) Start Small. If you haven’t been getting in at all, don’t jump into 5x per Week of CF. Instead commit to 3 classes per Week and walk/run/bike for 20 minutes on your off days. As you get used to moving every day, then you can add in more CF days. 3) Have your workout clothes ready. If you’re committing to 6AM, then lay out your workout gear the night before. If you’re committing to working out after work, put your gym bag in the car. 4) Don’t Skip a Day. Give yourself a 30 Day Challenge to exercise daily & don’t skip a day. If you’ve committed to CF on M/W/F at 6AM and 20 minutes of walking on your off days, don’t skip a day during the 30 days. PM Kelly if you want accountability for your 30 day exercise challenge or commit to a challenge with a friend at CFM. If you’re struggling to get in & get motivated, send Kelly a message and we can create a plan to hold you accountable.

Our next 6 Week Boot Camp start Thursday, February 20th! Save $20 with Early Bird Pricing! Space is LIMITED so reserve your spot today! Call 480-532-0067 Click Here to Learn More

Have you wanted to get started with CrossFit? We have a NEW Special! 4 Months Unlimited CrossFit Classes for only $115 Per month on EFT (Save $24 per month). CLICK HERE to Grab it

Strength for the Week: M: Back Squat T: Push Press W: Power Clean TH: Front Squat F: Floor Press S: Snatch

Superbowl Themed Workout in the Park: Saturday, February 1st at 8:45AM. Represent your favorite Team & come out for a FUN workout in the Park. All levels welcome! Cobblestone Farms Pool Park. CLICK HERE to Sign Up

Come check out Coach JJs class at 7:15PM on Tuesday & Thursday!

We have one spot left for our New 12 Week Weight Loss Program. This is a nutrition based program and you don’t have to be a member of CFM to join us. We meet every Wednesday at 6:30PM. Click Here to Learn More

Due to the popularity of our Semi-Private Training Program, we’re adding more time slots! We’re now offering a T/TH option at 7:15AM. Please call 480-532-0067.

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