The Weekly: December 8th

I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.”

— Thomas Jefferson

We’re getting EXCITED for 2020! Kaizen means “change for the better,” and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve your experience at CrossFit Maricopa! Follow our Blog to keep informed about a lot of great additions & changes coming in 2020!

The 1st NEW Program that we’re thrilled to roll out in 2020 is our Health Coaching Program! Coach Kelly added to her years of experience of helping clients with body composition goals by becoming a Certified Dr. Sears Health Coach. Starting in January, we will be offering: 1) Corporate Wellness; 2) On-line/Remote Coaching; and 3) In Person coaching in Maricopa, AZ.

To learn more about Corporate Wellness options, please give us a call at 480-532-0067. We can customize a program for a small company to a large corporation and anything in between!

We’re also rolling out a 12 Week Weight Loss Program both in person and on-line. This program is not a fad or crash diet but a LIFESTYLE change. While diets are temporary, a lifestyle change doesn’t require a drastic change, works with your busy schedule & gets you the RESULTS that you want to see & feel!

We’re offering $50 off our 12 Week Program, if you sign up in 2019. Space is LIMITED so don’t delay!

We’re putting a new apparel order in! If you’d like a Zip Up Hoodie or Pull Over Hoodie. Let us know.

December Events:

Strongman Friday: Friday, December 13th at 5:15PM. Tire flips, sledge hammers and other fun things to destress and get a little dirty. Please sign-up on Zen Planner.

Ugly Shirt FREE Park Workout: Saturday, December 21 st at 9AM.  Wear an ugly shirt, sweater, tie, pjs or socks and come out for a FUN workout for all ages and fitness abilities.

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