Q&A 12 Week Weight Loss Program

I’m super excited by the response to the 12 Week Weight Loss Program so far!

I’ve gotten quite a few questions and I wanted to answer some publicly, as I’m sure others have similar questions. Keep those questions coming & I’ll be happy to answer them!

Question 1: What kind of diet is this? This is not any specific diet and no foods are eliminated or “off limits.” Instead you will learn the science behind why some foods are healthier for you than others. We will use knowledge to empower you to incorporate healthy eating habits.

Question 2: So this program is just about food? This program is based on the Dr. Sears acronym of L.E.A.N. L=lifestyle. E=exercise A=Attitude N=Nutrition. The goal is to get you living better, moving better, thinking better and eating better.

Question 3: Do I have to be a member of CrossFit Maricopa to do this program? No. This weight loss program is designed as a stand alone program.

Question 4: I’m a busy person, will I be able to handle the homework? You will have homework each Week to reinforce the Weekly Live (either in person or Zoom) but it will completely manageable. For instance in one Week you will be asked to find a few food items in your pantry that have “Dirty Dozen,” items on the label. In another Week, you’ll be asked to place stickers on your pantry items based on Traffic Light Eating. Homework should never take more than 1 hour of your time per Week.

Keep those questions coming!

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