If you can dream it, you can do it!

USA“There is no higher station in life than to serve.”

Notes from Europe….

First of all, flying from the US (especially the west coast) to Europe is not for the faint hearted.

Long flight, delays, tight quarters.

However, when you are here (at least in a small city like Helsingborg) the silence is almost deafening.

The pace of life is strikingly different than the states. More people walking, biking, riding scooters.

(also more station wagons which I really dig)

The purpose of my trip here is coaching Turner Stanek . He has fashioned himself into a very good powerlifter over the last two years and was invited to be part of Team USA for the IPF world championships.

He has an infinite upside. 16 years old. Beast mode? No, there is no mode. He’s just beast, all the time.

To say I’m honored or blessed is a gross understatement. You can go a whole career in coaching and not get to work with an athlete of his caliber.

And really, it’s all luck.

Lucky that Alyssa  and Alexis (who are amazing athletes in their own right) dragged him through the door.

Luck I moved to Maricopa and opened a gym.

Luck that we saw how much potential he has.

Luck? Fate? Whatever…

My real thought about this is 2 years is a really short time frame.

It’s makes me think “What can I, or you, accomplish in that time period?”

Take some time to slow down and think about that, what’s the answer?

I know I’m reflective now as I have some time alone, so I’ll attempt to answer it for myself while I’m here.

Coach Scott

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