The Weekly: April 7th

I can I will

The Weekly is your place to keep up to date on the Strength for the Week, Recipe of the Week and our latest events and happenings! Be sure to subscribe to our Blog so that you get notified when The Weekly is posted.

You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water. Rabindranath Tagore  Have you been following us on FaceBook or Instagram but have hesitated to come in?? Why not schedule a FREE Welcome Session this Week and learn how we can help you reach your GOALS and get you the RESULTS you’ve been looking for!

The Weekly Shout Outs:

Happy Birthday to: Gisett S. (4/12)


Jason L for losing a whole pant size!

Mike B for improving on his muscle ups!

We are still taking donations to help Turner S and Coach Scott defray travel expenses to represent the USA in the International Power Lifting Meet in Sweden! CLICK HERE to Learn More.

Did you know we offer more than just CrossFit?

Our Other Great Programs:
Semi-Private Training: 4:15PM: M/W/F  7:15PM: M/W (Interest List Forming for AM Session: email us at or call 480-532-0067 to express interest).
Home School PE: 10:45AM: F
Young Athlete: 4:30PM: T/TH

APRIL Calendar of Events:

The April Attendance Event:  Win prizes for just showing up to get your workouts in! Pick up a Calendar at the gym and mark off each day that you workout and check-in on FaceBook or Instagram.

Thank-you to our sponsors so far: Maricopa Water and IceANC Hair DesignsNo Guilt Glitz Jewelry  Say Sushi and Freedom Yoga & Fitness.

The Healthy Meal: starts April 8th! You can still join in! In our last Challenge one participant lost 10lbs!!

A favorite mantra at CFM is that you can’t out-train a bad diet.  So if you’ve been at CFM and are working out consistently but not not getting the body comp goals you’re looking for….. it’s time that we address your food.

“I’m eating better, holding myself accountable, and letting go of excuses and guilt.”

This is a quote from one of our current members on The Healthy M.E.A.L. Nutrition/Lifestyle Challenge.  If you’re wanting to make positive changes in your diet, our next Challenge starts April 8th!

The Healthy M.E.A.L. is a 4 Week Program that slowly layers in new Healthy Habits each Week. The Program is meant to have a symbiotic effect to bring long lasting mind and body changes!  $39 EARLY BIRD Price for CFM Members. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Strength for the Week: M: Strength Circuit T: Front Squat W: Cleans TH: Strength Circuit  F: Back Squat S: Deadlift

Recipe of the Week: You’ll love these Kickin BBQ Shredded Chicken from Stupid Easy Paleo.  Looking for more healthy, yummy recipes….. then join our Facebook Group: CFM Nourish

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