The Weekly: January 27th

We have a Patriots Fan! Who do you want to win the Super Bowl??

The Weekly is your place to keep up to date on the Strength for the Week, Recipe of the Week and our latest events and happenings! Be sure to subscribe to our Blog so that you get notified when The Weekly is posted.

Congratulations to everyone on a SUCCESSFUL Personal Record Week! Your hard work has paid off! This Week will be a deload Week at the gym and then we’ll start a new strength cycle on February 4th.

Happy Birthday to: Cindy M.! Cindy attends our AM Boot Camp.

Yoga is coming to CrossFit Maricopa in February! A 5 Class Punch Card will be available. CFM Members $20 or Non-Members $40.  Get on our FaceBook Page and vote for the class day/time that you like best.  CLICK HERE to Vote

We are opening our BEGINNER Boot Camp to new clients!! Classes start February 5th. Space is LIMITED. We have an AM Session (T/TH at 9:30AM) and a PM Session (T/TH at 7:15PM).

Boot Camp is great for anyone who is new to CrossFit or exercise in general. Boot Camp Classes are designed to give you a total body workout and improve your overall fitness level in the shortest time possible!CLICK HERE TO SIGN-UP

REGISTRATION FOR THE CROSSFIT OPEN IS OPEN!! This is probably the favorite event at our gym each year so don’t miss out! We encourage everyone to give it a shot… you won’t regret it! If you have questions, ask your Coach. Our Team draft was held today by our Captains Michelle, Melany and Dornan. If you haven’t signed up already, expect these ladies to be asking you to join in! 😉  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.

January Calendar of Events:

It’s not too late to join in our 1st Nutrition/Lifestyle Challenge of 2019.  The Healthy M.E.A.L. is a 4 Week Program that slowly layers in new Healthy Habits each Week.

The Program is meant to have a symbiotic effect to bring long lasting mind and body changes!  Call 480-532-0067 or PM Scott or Kelly to learn more.

CURRENT SPECIAL: 3 Months of UNLIMITED CrossFit for $350 (save $67)! CLICK HERE to get it now!

We are EXPANDING our Semi-Private Training Program (personal training at a fraction of the cost) to MORNINGS! Semi-private training is perfect for anyone that has specific GOALS and enjoys privacy in working out. To learn more CLICK HERE

Strength for the Week: M: Press T: Clean W: Back Squat TH: Bench Strength Circuit F: RDL Strength Circuit

Recipe of the Week: Going to a Super Bowl Party? Check out my Paleo/Primal Pinterest Board HERE. Looking for more healthy, yummy recipes….. then join our Facebook Group: CFM Nourish

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