The Weekly: September 16th

The Weekly is your place to keep up to date on the Strength for the Week, Recipe of the Week and our latest events and happenings! Be sure to subscribe to our Blog so that you get notified when The Weekly is posted. jess 4

Wish a Happy Birthday to: Julie D (9/16) and Patrick B (9/17) this Week!

Our LAST 8 Week BEGINNER Boot Camp of 2018 starts October 2nd!  We are looking for 10 people that don’t want to wait to 2019 to COMMIT TO FIT!  $20 reserves YOUR spot! Call 480-532-0067 or  CLICK HERE

We have EXPANDED our Semi-Private Training Program (personal training at a fraction of the cost) and have a couple of openings available! Semi-private training is perfect for anyone that has specific GOALS.  Now offered M/W/F at 4PM and M/W at 7:15PM. To learn more CLICK HERE

September Calendar of Events:

September 1st-30th: 20K Rowing Challenge.  The goal is to try to accumulate 20K meters on the rower during the month of September. We’ll have a whiteboard set up so you can track your progress.

September 4th:  Our 9:15AM CrossFit class will be permanently moved to 8:15AM.  This class will still be offered M-F.

September 29th at 8am: Come out for the Hot Shots WOD. Tackle it alone or with a friend or 2.  CLICK HERE to sign-up

Mark Your Calendars for October:

October 6th at 9AM:  Join Nadia for a 1 hour Double Under Clinic.  $10

October 19th at 7PM:  Annual Barbells for Boobs.  Join our Team HERE

October 26th at 7PM: Annual Dawn of the Deadlift Partner WOD + Trunk or Treat

Strength for the Week: M: Bench T: Clean W: Squat TH: Push Jerk F: Deadlift S: Snatch  And remember a Kettlebell track is always available if you prefer not to use the barbell (just ask your Coach).

Recipe of the Week:  Paleo Shrimp Taco Bowl w/ Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice from Stupid Easy Paleo   Looking for more healthy, yummy recipes….. then join our Facebook Group: CFM Nourish

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