Want a Secret to Getting Results

accountabilityDo you ever see the ads for the $10 per month gym membership and ask yourself how that place can stay in business? Did you know, with that business model, the gym is actually banking on you NOT SHOWING UP?! Yes, it’s a sad but true fact.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, it ties into the secret of getting the RESULTS that you’re looking for in the gym.  It’s a simple thing called ACCOUNTABILITY.

When you share your GOALS with us, we CARE about you showing up and we CARE about you getting RESULTS!

How can you share your GOALS:

  1. Talk to your Coach.  When’s the last time that you talked to your Coach about your goals? Or struggles that you’re having reaching your goals? You’re paying for a Professional Coach at CrossFit Maricopa, so make sure you take advantage of his/her expertise.
  2. Use Zen Planner to Schedule Your Week.  We ask that you take a few minutes on Sunday night to reserve your classes for the Week in Zen Planner. By doing so, you’re letting your Coaches know your commitment to workout for the Week.  If you reserve M,W,F at 8:15AM but don’t show up, we’ll contact you to see why you haven’t been able to keep your appointments.  If you’re not using Zen or are adding the class in the parking lot, try using Zen for accountability and see how things change for you.
  3. Log Your Workouts in Zen.   Did you know that you can track your lifts and workouts in Zen?  Seeing progress/improvements with the amount of weight you can lift or the rounds you can finish, can be a big motivator to keep going! At the end of each class, take a minute to log your workouts.
  4. Join our Nutrition Group.  It’s estimated that what you eat contributes 80% to body composition.  So if you have a body composition goal, you should join our FB Nutrition Support Group. It’s FREE for members. CLICK HERE to JOIN
  5. Get an Accountability Partner.  Our members tend to frequent the same class time.  Find someone in your class time (ie 5am) and ask if he/she would like to be your accountability partner.  Then make a commitment to meet each other in class (ie T/TH at 6AM).
  6. Get Involved in Our Community.  We constantly have events going on at CrossFit Maricopa outside of our normal classes. We have something for everyone!  In September we have 2 community workouts, a rowing challenge and a couple of opportunities to go cheer on some of our athletes in outside competitions. In October we have our Barbells for Boobs Fundraiser and our Dawn of the Deadlift Partner Workout plus Trunk or Treat. We have found that members that get involved in our community events, make amazing friends and stay around longer.  When you stick around, you’re bound to hit that goal! Check our Community Board or read The Weekly on our Blog to find the latest happenings going on.

Start sharing those goals and see how accountability is the glue that ties commitment to result!

Questions or concerns. Give us a call at 480-532-0067


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