In 2018 Your New Year’s Resolution Should be…..

love yourself2In 2018 Your New Year’s Resolution Should be…..

I’m a gym owner so the obvious answer is to workout, right!? 😉 But that actually isn’t my direct answer. In 2018, I hope that you resolve to LOVE yourself.

We all know the Golden Rule, “Do unto others that you would have them do unto you.” Unfortunately, as a trainer and confidant to my clients for 5+ years, I have discovered that a lot of people just aren’t good to themselves. Instead they engage in thoughts and behaviors that they probably wouldn’t even wish unto others.

What do I mean by that?

Do you have negative thoughts about yourself ?

I’m too fat.

No one likes me.

I’m not good enough.

Do you set unrealistic expectations for yourself thereby setting yourself up for failure?

I’m going to lose 30lbs in 1 month.

I haven’t trained but I’m going to run a marathon next Week.

I made $30,000 this Year but I’m going to make $1 million next year.

Do you abuse your body through neglect?

Don’t find time for exercise.

Don’t find time to relax.

Do you make harmful choices for your body?

Eat foods that lead to lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Work to the point that you’re stressed out all of the time and don’t sleep.

Smoke cigarettes.

These examples aren’t exhaustive but you get the point. If anything resonated with you, it’s time to start being kinder to yourself. If you aren’t kind to yourself, it reeks havoc on your relationships, your job and yes, your body.

And so my wish for you this Year, is that you take the time and find ways to LOVE yourself. Love yourself for the amazing, unique human you are.

Watch for future blog posts, where I will be sharing tips on ways to love yourself more.

Wishing you health and happiness in 2018!


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