The Weekly: November 12th


Our mission at CrossFit Maricopa is to get REAL people real RESULTS!  And we believe that you should love and look forward to your workouts too!

If you’ve been curious about CrossFit Maricopa we invite you to call us to set up your FREE Welcome Session this Week!! We have programs for YOUTH (ages 6+) to Masters (ages 45+) and something for everyone in between too. Call us at 480-532-0067…. you won’t regret it!


In addition to our flagship program CrossFit, we also offer:

Semi-Private Personal Training.  Are you looking for PERSONAL training at a fraction of the cost!? Then Semi-Private Personal Training is for you. You get a customized workout to achieve your goals but share the time slot with 1 to 5 other people.  For more information Click Here: Semi-Private Training

Masters (ages 45+) We’re pleased to announce that our Masters Program will be back starting November 1st!  This is a program specifically designed to reap the benefits of exercise on the aging process. To learn more CLICK HERE

Young Athlete Sports Conditioning:  Want to get your kiddos active or help them stay at the top of their game in the off season? This program is for kiddos ages 6-13. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

And did you know that your CrossFit membership INCLUDES the following specialty classes: Kettlebell Conditioning, Olympic Lifting, The Shred and the Sport of Fitness.

Give us a call today and we’ll help you find the program that is right for YOU!! 480-532-0067


Power Through the Holidays Challenge:  Starts November 1st. This FREE program will offer tips, strategies and motivation throughout November & December on eating healthy, getting into the gym, getting enough sleep and stress reducers. We hope you will join us as we navigate the Holidays happy & healthy! Join our FaceBook group HERE

We are currently looking for vendors for our Annual Holiday Boutique! Only 1 vendor per company. 1st come 1st served. FREE for CFM Members or $25 if not a member of CFM. CLICK HERE to SIGN-UP

Annual Turkey WOD & Food Drive:  Please bring non-perishable to the gym all Week. Workout is Saturday, November 18th at 8AM.  SIGN-UP on Zen

Strength for the Week: Monday: Strength Circuit Tuesday: Power Snatch Wednesday: Back Squat Thursday: Push Press Friday: Power Clean

Recipe of the Week:  Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Chili

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