Young Athlete Program Helps with Behavior Issues

SONY DSCSigning our two children up for Kid’s CrossFit this past October has been a great experience for our family!

CrossFit was a new activity. My children were unsure about CrossFit. The only thing they knew about CrossFit was daddy went to workout after work. Fast forward four weeks, both children are excited to attend class on Tuesday and Thursday with Ms. Holly.

It is not unusual for the children to be in the car before it is time to leave…. which is unheard of for other activities we have participated. On the drive home, both are so excited share about using the medicine balls, doing planks, or playing the pizza game!

Prior to starting CrossFit in October, both children were uncoordinated. Today, simple moves such as jumping jacks and jumping rope are improved! They are excited to learn the CrossFit methods/terms and know how to perform the moves.

The best point from starting kids CrossFit with Ms. Holly is… my daughter had been having behavior issues in school for the past year. The 2nd week of CrossFit, my daughter’s teacher reported improvement of overall classroom behavior. We attribute these behavior improvements to CrossFit, as nothing else in our daily schedule changed. At our Fall Parent Teacher Conference, the teacher communicated how “mature” she had become in the last few weeks. We are beyond grateful for Ms. Holly’s CrossFit class with no further behavior issues has been reported!




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