The Weekly: November 5th

Park WODIt’s November and the time of year that we LOVE to be outside in Arizona! This Week the CFM Family got outdoors for a workout in the Park and this Saturday coming up we have a group hike at Telegraph Pass!  This is a kid friendly event.

November is also a great time to get started at CrossFit Maricopa! Why do you ask??? 1) It’s traditionally a slower time of Year at the gym so classes are smaller and you get more personalized attention (beat all of those New Year’s Resolutions); and 2) We are including a FREE Power Through the Holidays Challenge for our members ($70 value).

Schedule a FREE Welcome Session today (480-532-0067) and we’ll help you find the perfect fitness program for YOU! In addition to our Flagship program, CROSSFIT, we also offer:

6 Week BEGINNER Boot Camp. Our LAST Camp of 2017 starts October 26th (it’s not too late to get started).  LIMITED to 12 people. Click here to learn more: 6 Week BEGINNER Boot Camp

Semi-Private Training.  Are you looking for PERSONAL training at a fraction of the cost!? Then Semi-Private Training is for you. You get a customized workout to achieve your goals but share the time slot with 1 to 5 other people. We offer an Evening Session on M/W at 7:15PM and a Day Session on T/F at Noon. If you’re interested in Semi-private training but looking for a different time, drop us a line and let us know. For more information Click Here: Semi-Private Training

Masters (ages 45+):  We’re pleased to announce that our Masters Program will be back starting November 1st!  This is a program specifically designed to reap the benefits of exercise on the aging process. To learn more CLICK HERE

Young Athlete Sports Conditioning:  Want to get your kiddos active or help them stay at the top of their game in the off season? This program is for kiddos ages 6-13. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

And did you know that your CrossFit membership INCLUDES the following specialty classes: Kettlebell Conditioning, Olympic Lifting, The Shred and the Sport of Fitness.

Give us a call today and we’ll help you find the program that is right for YOU!! 480-532-0067


Power Through the Holidays Challenge:  Starts November 1st. This FREE program will offer tips, strategies and motivation throughout November & December on eating healthy, getting into the gym, getting enough sleep and stress reducers. We hope you will join us as we navigate the Holidays happy & healthy! Join our FaceBook group HERE

We are currently looking for vendors for our Annual Holiday Boutique! Only 1 vendor per company. 1st come 1st served. FREE for CFM Members or $25 if not a member of CFM. CLICK HERE to SIGN-UP

Group Hike Telegraph Pass: Saturday, November 11th at 8:30AM.  Meet at the Trailhead. Family friendly.  Sign-up on Zen. CLICK HERE

Annual Turkey WOD & Food Drive:  Saturday, November 18th at 8AM.  SIGN-UP on Zen

Strength for the Week: Monday: Clean & Jerk Tuesday: Back Squat Wednesday: Bench Thursday: Strength Circuit Friday: Deadlift

Recipe of the Week:   Easy Paleo Mini Quiche

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