Is it possible to LOVE your workout….

Thank-you Jessica B. for sharing your ode aka story!! We’ve loved watching your growth from Boot Camp to CrossFit….not to mention you’re AWESOME to have around!!
“So here is my ode to CFM: I’m 40. I started at CFM to make a change. Prior to that, i was forcing myself to run preparing for my first half marathon. I know, right?! Who pays for complete torture? That was in 2014. I kept doing the same thing until I had just had enough of running boredom and needed a change. I was tired. I was tired of running, tired of doing workouts that never got me results I wanted.
I wasn’t an athlete. Ever. I was just like everyone else, just wanted to workout with regularity and actually stick to it. I saw an ad for CFM Bootcamp in 2015 and said, I’ve got nothing to lose. A change was in order. In July, I started my first boot camp. I actually looked forward to the classes. Let’s recall here, I NEVER looked forward to any run. It was always a forced workout. I loved boot camp so much I signed up for the next class. It was fun and the workouts were tough, but I started seeing results!! I was getting stronger! The coaches always encouraged me and the others.
I then started with crossfit classes and have been going ever since. The atmosphere is super friendly and it’s always all about your fitness journey. It’s become my second family. I LOVE CFM. So if you find yourself wondering if you should make that change….do it. You will never regret it. It will be the best fitness decision you will make for yourself.”


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