The Weekly: January 17th

We’ve Changed our Space around to Make More Workout Space!!   This is our New Welcome Desk at the Front Door…stop in and Say Hi!!

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” Confucius

Great quote…. it’s all about PROGRESS not perfection.  And if you haven’t found a place to get fit in 2017 yet, remember, “you don’t have to be great to get started BUT you have to get started to be great.”

Speaking of a great start…. we now offer an AWESOME Great Start Package! You get Four (4) 1 hour foundation classes with our Head Coach, a Get Started Guide and Car Decal for $49! CLICK HERE to learn more.
This Week at CrossFit Maricopa is Personal Record (PR) Week.  We do PR Week 2x per year and this is your chance to test how your strength has improved. The line-up for the Week is: Monday Back Squat, Tuesday Bench Press , Wednesday Power Clean, Thursday Push Press, Friday Deadlift, Saturday Snatch or make up day. Get in and RING that bell when you get a PR!
Also happening in January:  Have a Snatchtastic New Year: This is a 1 hour Clinic with Coach Scott to work on your Snatch. We always have rave reviews about this Clinic… and you know Snatches will pop up in the CrossFit Open. Only $15 for Members. Limited to 12 people.  CLICK HERE to Sign-Up on Zen
Boot Camp Bring a Friend Night:  January 31st at 7:15PM.  Curious about our wildly POPULAR 6 Week Beginner Boot Camp!? Then come try it out for FREE…. you must register in advance.  CLICK HERE to register.  Our January Camp SOLD OUT but we are now taking reservations for our February Camp.  It’s ONLY $29 to reserve your spot: CLICK HERE to grab your spot.
Have you read Coach Holly’s awesome Blog Post on Core and Floor yet?? If not, check it our HERE.

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