Attention Ladies…. this is for you!


A Post by Coach Holly Garnett:

Ladies, we need to chat. This is important information so stick with me. It’s time we talk about pelvic floor and core health.
We joke about running to the bathroom before jumping rope or a heavy lift but this is a serious issue. If this is you, or if you deal with nondescript low back pain, heaviness in your pelvis, or abdominal separation following pregnancy (diastasis recti), you may very well be dealing with pelvic floor dysfunction.

All of these issues are very common but they are NOT normal. Every one of these symptoms can be improved with proper core and pelvic floor training.

Take my client Alyssa, for example. She’s a mom of 4 and was dealing with severe diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, stress urinary incontinence and low back pain. After 8 weeks of core and floor training, she has had dramatic improvement with all of these issues. Her diastasis has gone from an over 4 finger separation to 2 fingers, low back pain has been drastically reduced, and the stress incontinence has improved dramatically.
If you deal with any of these issues no matter how minor you think it is, you could benefit from targeted core and floor training.

I offer a specialized Core and Floor coaching program at Crossfit Maricopa: CLICK HERE to Sign-Up Now. You can also find me at and

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