Melissa’s Success Story!

melissaI joined Crossfit Maricopa just over 6 months ago and I can’t say enough good things about the owners, other coaches, fellow members and programs offered.  I initially felt intimidated and overwhelmed, but was put at ease knowing all classes would be scaled to individual workout level and ability.  My main goals were to define my nearly nonexistent muscles and increase my overall strength; which to me went hand in hand with looking and feeling better.  I was not a stranger to cardio workouts, but I had not done any weight training and certainly never picked up a barbell prior to stepping into Crossfit Maricopa.  In the past six months I have pushed myself harder physically than I ever have and it feels amazing.  I have lost 10 pounds (which I never anticipated), several inches, see muscle definition all over, have better posture and am proud of what I can do now that I couldn’t even think of doing 6 months ago because of the strength I have gained.

I have participated in regular Crossfit classes, Shred classes and personal training.  For me, the combination of these 3 have been the perfect storm.   Personal training with Scott Bradley was just what I needed to help me overcome some deficiencies (for example, being unable to squat) while also focusing on some specific aesthetic goals I had for my upcoming wedding and fine tuning my skills.  Scott has been instrumental  at pushing me to continue improving my strength.  I was also given easy to follow nutrition information that allowed me to modify my diet to fuel my workouts and support the stronger, leaner body composition I am working toward.  It is exciting to continue to be able to lift, squat, etc 5 more pounds and without a doubt I have been able to do all of that much more quickly and efficiently by incorporating personal training with Crossfit.  Scott and all the coaches are truly knowledgeable, patient and encouraging while ensuring everyone’s safety.  The workouts are never boring and continue to be challenging, both which used to plague me with past fitness routines.  I will never be the strongest or fastest person in class, but I am definitely the best version of the me and continue getting stronger and faster.  Thanks, Scott and Crossfit Maricopa!

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