Happy To Still Help Clients Who Have Moved Away!


“Scott Bradley has been my coach since 2011. But in early 2016, my husband and I moved out of Maricopa, and I lost my fitness footing. Fortunately, later that year, Scott started remote coaching. I am so glad. While I can’t say that I make it to the gym as often as I need to (life gets crazy-busy!), I always have that extra motivation of knowing I’m accountable to Scott. That makes me want to catch up on missed workouts and stay as current as possible. A huge plus is that Scott already knows me, and my strengths and weaknesses. I also keep him apprised of how I’m feeling so we can adjust which lifts to use as needed. We text back and forth, and that seems to work best for our mutually busy schedules. I text him after the workout to tell him which weights I lifted and how I felt, just to keep him in the loop. Scott always “listens” and programs according to my needs. And calls me on my laziness when needed, with his own Scott humor that makes my day. Even though I need to prioritize my workouts more heavily and get to the gym more, my body already is responding to what I have done through remote coaching with Scott. A few months prior to joining up with Scott again, I was doing a newly popular workout heavy on the cardio and while it was fun, it wasn’t providing the results I get from weightlifting. But motivating myself to lift weights without a far more knowledgeable friend involved was pretty much impossible. I’m so happy to be working with Scott again. I love where I live yet life was feeling a little empty without Scott in it, a tie to my CrossFit Maricopa family. Remote coaching is the perfect solution to the distance. Scott is always and forever my favorite coach.”

To learn more about remote coaching, click here!


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