The Weekly: August 14th

Get Your Weekly Chair Massage with Jillian!

This Week’s Quote is from one of our clients….WAY TO GO Brenda!

“I had to go to the grocery store earlier and threw on a tank top and pair of jeans. I’m walking around the store and had to pull my pants up (strange this hasn’t happened before). I get home and realize I can take them off WITHOUT unbuttoning them!! This pair was so tight the beginning of this year they rolled over at the waist, and I unbuttoned them to sit. Damn I think I’m doing something right! Brenda N.

In case you haven’t noticed, CrossFit Maricopa has been adding more and more services to compliment your CrossFit training!   Just this month we’ve held a Dry Needling Clinic with Dr. Tom Spray of 360 Physical Therapy and a Gymnastics Clinic with Amie Bratlie! In addition, we are now offering on-site, weekly chair massage with Painted Dessert Massage!  Later this month, on August 27th, Dr. Spray will be back with a discussion on: Back to the Basics: What is Causing your Low Back Pain. This is a FREE event open to the public.  Event starts at 9:30.  RSVP on FaceBook HERE.

Curious about why so many people RAVE about CFM 6 Week Boot Camp?? Then join us for Bring a Friend Night, Thursday, August 25th at 7:15PM.  This a FREE event open to the public and we guarantee a FUN night of fitness! RSVP on FaceBook HERE.

We often hear from clients that have left Maricopa, that they miss CFM and struggle to find something similar.  That’s why we’re PLEASED to offer Remote Coaching.  To find out more, email Scott at  Scott will design a program to specifically meet your goals!

RECIPE of the Week: Check out this YUMMY salad from Paleo OMG: Hawaiian Pizza Salad

Strength for the Week: M: Back Squat T: Bear Complex W: Bench Press TH: Snatch F: Deadlift WOD  S: Jerks

Tip of the Week:  Treat your workouts like any other appointments (ie Doctor/Dentist) and KEEP them!! Schedule your week out on Zen today! And in case you haven’t heard, Zen has an AWESOME app that you can download to your phone for FREE. Need a password reset, send Kelly a message at

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