The Weekly: July 18th

Does your workout make you happy?
The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. Walt Disney

Oftentimes the hardest part of getting fit is having the courage to get started!  All you need to do is call (480-532-0067) or email us ( and we’ll provide you with the support and accountability to SUCCEED!

BRING A FRIEND for CrossFit!! Curious about  CrossFit….then join us for Bring a Friend Night: Monday, July 18th at 7:15PM. Sign-up by CLICKING HERE

Looking to Jump Start your fitness in  a fun, supportive and team-based environment? Our next 6 WEEK CFM BOOT CAMP starts August 2nd!! Spots are filling quickly. Reserve your spot for $29 now: CLICK HERE


Our Random Acts of Kindness Month continues! Congrats to Elaine L. who won a personal training session and Melissa S. who won a shaker bottle! The donation box for Aid for the Brave (box will be available 7/15-7/28) was left on Friday. Let’s fill that box with toiletries for our Soldiers.  To learn more about items needed.  CLICK HERE

The mirror is filling up with awesome words of encouragement! Keep them coming…  Post Its are available at the Coaches Stand.

Small Groups:  Do you have a hobby/ interest that you would like to share with other CFM Members (ie Book Club, Running, Gardening etc)? We are making the box available to members in off-hours to meet up with other members to share interests. If you have an idea, please contact Kelly for availability.


Strength for the Week: M: Back Squat, T: Snatch, W: Bench Press, Th: Clean, F: Front Squat, Sat: Push Press

Recipe of the Week: From Stupid Easy Paleo: BLT Bites with Chipotle Mayo

Let’s make it a GREAT Week! Get your classes scheduled on Zen (do you have the FREE app yet)? The Zen app allows you to reserve classes and track your progress on-line. Need help, ask your Coach or contact Kelly at



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