See How Personal Training helped Alicia Relieve Lower Back Pain and Get Moving Again…

My name is Alicia Rodriguez and I started my personal training with Scott at Crossfit Maricopa in April of 2016. I have been an active person all my life; running track as a young person, playing tennis, biking, hiking, and running pretty much all my life up until about five years ago.

When I was thirty years old I injured my lower back but being the stubborn person that I am, I continued to run and do a lot of other things that caused pain in my lower back. About five years ago, I finally decided to stop running because I did not want to risk a more serious and/or permanent injury. So, I took up hiking. I have been hiking regularly for the past few years with some back pain when I hike trails too long or too difficult.
In April of this year, one of my adult sons, who has been doing Crossfit in Scottdale for about two years, came down to Maricopa to visit for the weekend and stopped in for a workout at Crossfit Maricopa. After his workout he told me to expect a call from Scott. I asked him why and he told me “Mom, because you would really like Crossfit—and Scott”.
I reminded my son that I am old, have a bad back, never lifted weights, and had never been a gym member in my entire life. He knows that I like biking and hiking and the outdoors. But he suggested that I at least try it. I wasn’t sold.
Scott did call me and the first thing I told him was that I had a bad lower back and had never lifted weights in my life. We talked for awhile and after further thought, I decided to try personal training at Crossfit Maricopa.
Scott was patient, and one of the first things he told me in response to my “bad lower back” story was that I may not really have a bad lower back. I thought that was interesting but didn’t really believe him since I had known lower back pain for 25 years. But he patiently and carefully explained that he has met many people who have “bad backs” and that what he has found with many of them is that once they strengthen the area around the back—in my case the lower back—the pain lessens or goes away. I was skeptical since I had lived with limited movement for years due to some level of pain and/or discomfort.
Well, after about a month of personal training—two times each week, I found that I could move in ways that I had not done in years. Simply bending over to pick up something from the floor or even from under the bed, which before would cause me pain, was now not painful. I was still skeptical (old age) and thought it was a fluke so I started to test my body more and more by moving in ways that I KNEW would be painful. But, there was no pain. I was thrilled–and grateful but still not totally convinced.
I could not believe that I was lifting weights, doing squats with weights (I was sure this would throw my back out), etc and my lower back was fine.
But still I was skeptical so one HOT day recently, I worked out in the yard without my trusty adjustable back support brace for about five hours straight—weeding, planting, lifting 50 lb bags of soil, reaching, bending, crouching, etc. It was difficult yard work. In the next few days I could feel no pain in my back—NONE. I was convinced that after two months of Scott’s personal training sessions, my back had indeed been strengthened so that I no longer felt lower back pain doing everyday things that for years had caused me physical pain.
Also, a couple of weeks ago, by myself, I moved several furniture pieces around in my home—large solid wood furniture pieces—-two FULL solid wood bookcases. How did I move these pieces? I moved them by using my lower back to push them into another room. BUT that’s not all, in order to do this, by myself, I lifted the the piece of furniture on one side just enough to drag a towel underneath it so it would move easier on the floor tiles. I was perfectly fine afterwards.
In the past, I could only do yard work for an hour at a time–and never in the heat—  and only with my trusty adjustable back support to minimize the certain eventual back pain. The pain would last for a few days to a week and during this time, I had to be oh-so-careful of every movement—even sneezing could be painful. Forget about bending, lifting or twisting in certain ways. That was out of the question.
I cannot say enough about what Scott’s patient and education-filled personal training has done to improve my life. He is knowledgeable about the body. He has years of experience teaching men and women of all ages about weight lifting. He is detailed and articulate with his explanations of the many different body movements involved in a workout as well as weight lifting. He clearly communicates each and every part of a movement—best technique, how to correctly position the legs, arms, head, shoulders, feet. He demonstrates how to move correctly. He is careful to remind me to take my time and to focus on taking baby steps to an eventual goal. He is firm but diligent in guiding me to the next level. And he is kind when answering the many questions I have put to him regarding whatever he is teaching me.
Finally, although I kept telling him that I was intimidated at even the thought of taking a class, he encouraged me and this morning I took my first class. I felt perfectly comfortable and competent with the entire workout AND it was FUN !!
Thank you Scott and CrossFit Maricopa!

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