The Weekly: June 13th

Young Athlete JulyWelcome to THE WEEKLY…. Your Way to Stay in the CFM know!

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” Francis of Assisi
Wherever you are in your CrossFit journey, the 1st step is showing up consistently (the necessary). Each time that you show up, put in YOUR best effort (the possible).  This journey is yours, so don’t waste time comparing yourself to others. Be consistent, bring forth your best effort and before you know it, you’ll be doing what you once thought was impossible (insert goal here).


Welcome to our newest members: Noah, Joshua, Veronica, Bob & Nicole

Strength for the Week: This week is a deload week in preparation for PR Week! M: Back Squat T: Clean & Jerk W: Bench Press TH: Front Squat F: Deadlift

Mark Your Calendars:

Dads & Deadlifts: June 18th at 8AM. Join us at 8AM for a fun workout. Guys (non Dads welcome) stay after for a beverage and bro time to celebrate our Dads!

CFM 6 Week Boot Camp: June 21st at 7:15PM.  $29 Reserves your spot. CLICK HERE to learn more or reserve your spot NOW!

Personal Record (PR) Week: June 20-25th. Come see how all of your hard work has paid off over the last 6 months with personal record week!!

Young Athlete Sports Conditioning Camps: July Session. 2 ages groups: 8-12 and 13-17.  $25 reserves your spot. CLICK HERE to learn more or reserve your spot NOW!

Recipe of the Week:   A Great Summer Recipe Sweet Pineapple Ginger Meatballs.

Struggling with motivation, nutrition or just want to set some new goals?? Then schedule a FREE 1-on-1 appointment with Kelly or Scott.  To set your appointment, email


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