4 Quick Tips to Stay Motivated During the Holidays


KellyThanksgiving has passed and we’re now headed into one of the “most wonderful,” aka busiest times of the year! Social commitments will give you a lot of excuses to skip out on your workout but keep in mind, that it’s a lot easier to stay fit through the Holidays than have to work to get your body back after them. Here are 4 quick tips to help keep you on track!

1) Make Meal Planning Easy with On-line Tools.
Use a Paleo friendly web-site, like http://www.foodee.com to help meal plan and shop for the week. On Foodee.com you can set up a FREE account that will allow you to: 1) find delicious Paleo recipes; 2) save and organize your favorite recipes; and 3) create a grocery list, which can be customized by serving size and organized by aisle. Print or email the grocery list and off you go!

2) Find a Training Buddy.
Committing to meet a friend at the box/gym to train is a great way to keep yourself accountable during the Holiday Season.  A training buddy gives you the benefit of at least 2 people expecting to see you, your Coach and training partner. If you don’t know who to ask to be your training buddy, email me at crossfitcopa@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to help you find one.

3) Treat Your Workouts Like Appointments.
Use Zen Planner to set appointments with yourself and KEEP them! Treat your workout appointment like you would any other appointment, such a parent/teacher conference or a Dr.’s appointment. You wouldn’t no show or cancel these type of appointments at the last minute, so don’t do it with your workout either.

For even more accountability, email me with a recurring schedule that you want to keep during the Holidays (ie M/W/F at 5:15PM). I’ll set up your entire schedule for the month in Zen for you. If I see you not sticking to your schedule, I’ll send you a quick text/PM to get you back on

4) Ask for Vacation Workouts.
If you’ll be traveling during the Holidays, make sure to ask me for some no equipment workouts that you can get done on the road. We love to see our members staying fit on vacation so don’t forget to send us a vacation picture doing a plank, handstand etc. Let’s show our CFM pride all around the globe this Holiday season!

If you have any tips to help stay fit through the Holidays that you’d like to share, please post in comments. Or for questions, please feel free to email me at crossfitcopa@gmail.com.

In Good Health,


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