May Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to our May Athlete of the Month, Lindsey Beltran!!

LindseyAOM“In February of 2014, I walked into Crossfit Maricopa nervous, excited, scared, and eager to try something I knew would be one of the most physically challenging goals I have ever set for myself. I soon found out that it was not only a physical challenge to complete the sixty minute class, but find the mentality to tell myself every day to keep going, and not give up. The work outs never got easier, I just got stronger and faster. Every day I strive to only be better than the day before. This mentality that I have learned from the coaches and fellow athletes will never change. The support, encouragement, and motivation that pours out of Crossfit Maricopa can never be replicated and I will never forget where I was given my new outlook on life, on myself, my health, and what I can achieve physically and mentally. That first day I entered Crossfit Maricopa, reading the community board, I saw the name of the Athlete of the Month and thought to myself, “I am going to be that, one day”. And I finally did it!”

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